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Last Surf

July 10th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Wednesday morning surfed a river mouth in Mexico, the only one out for the first hour of daylight, soft rain on glassy water, the mountains shrouded, pelicans gliding by in pairs wingtips a feather’s breadth off the water. A dark stirring a few feet away and then—a sea turtle’s head out of the water, to say hello. Fritz came out for an hour and then I was alone again. Intoxicated with peace. Caught a last wave in, the last wave of the trip, rode it to the gravel beach, jumped off, somehow kept footing, and trotted up over the stony berm, a thud and clatter, and three horses were tearing by, nipping eachother, full gallop, and soaking wet—I guess from crossing the river. They swerved and ran into the palms. Laughter welling up, its own groundswell of glee. Couldn’t contain the beauty of the morning.


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Mexican Surf and the Oil Spill

June 29th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Oiled Bird, Grand Terre island, Barataria Bay, Louisiana

Spent a week in Louisiana, at the Unified Command Center, where the Coast Guard and BP and NOAA and scores of other agencies are frantically trying to contain the spill and save animals and the marsh–then out to the coast. Devastating. Remote beaches unprotected and oiled; herons, egrets, pelicans coated with no help in sight. Even the pristine looking marshes–sloughs and estuaries tucked into green and waving marsh grass, black skimmers flying and keening–even these had the lightest sheen, burned the tongue. Nesting season. This is the world the fledglings will enter. Worst thing I’ve ever seen. But many dedicated people down there giving everything to try to salvage what they can of their home…

The story will be in the September issue of Men’s Journal.

Now in Mexico, in clean water, surfing and getting ready for the launch of KOOK (the book.) So great to be back IN the water, the calamitous, merciless and forgiving sea. With UN-oiled pelicans plunging a few feet away. Life is strange and rich. Good grace help us all.

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The KOOK Barnstormer Book Tour

June 8th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Welcome to my website.  I’ll be posting updates here.  Now on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, covering the oil spill for Men’s Journal.  I’ll be back soon.

* *

KOOK Barnstormer Book Tour
Please come join the launch

KOOK: What Surfing Taught Me About Love, Life, and Catching the Perfect Wave

July 13th, Tattered Cover LODO, 7:30 pm
1628 16th St. at Wynkoop
Reading and Signing

Bring friends.  Let’s pack the house on a summer night.

Publisher’s Weekly just gave it a Starred Review.  Called it “Gripping”, “A powerful memoir”, “About love”.  Hudson News is featuring it in its Summer Reading Promotion at airports across the country.  Pam Houston wrote, “a deeply impassioned stand on behalf of marine-life, and of all life. Kook makes the dangerously unhip suggestion that it is still possible to find meaning–even transcendence–in the ever diminishing natural world.”

I’ll be having a drink at the Wynkoop Brewing Company afterward, upstairs at the billiard room bar, for all who wish to join me.

For those in Boulder, come to:

Boulder Bookstore
Pearl Street Mall
July 15th, 7:30

And for friends out of state, I’ll be making a reading tour to New Mexico and up the West Coast in late July and early August.  Can’t wait to see everybody.  Here’s the schedule:

Author Tour

Denver, CO
Tattered Cover – reading and signing – 7:30pm

Boulder, CO
Boulder Bookstore   – reading and signing – 7:30pm

Santa Fe, NM
Garcia Street Books- outdoor reading – 2pm

Seal Beach, CA
Book Party at surf shop TBD – will bring in outside bookseller

Huntington Beach, CA
Barnes & Noble #2743 – reading and signing – 7pm

Laguna Beach, CA
Laguna Beach Books – reading and signing – 5pm

San Luis Obispo, CA
Borders #537– reading and signing – 7pm

Monterey, CA
Capitola Books – reading and signing – 7:30pm

Corte Madera, CA
Book Passage – reading and signing – 4pm

Seattle, WA
Elliott Bay Books – reading and signing – 7pm

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