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Sleeping with Friends

August 5th, 2010 · 192 Comments · Uncategorized

On to San Luis Obispo for a reading at Border’s. Spent the night with Mandy, old ship mate from the Sea Shepherd’s Farley Mowat. We became friends in the gales and twenty foot seas of the Antarctic ice edge. Her cabin is on the edge of the the Morro Bay estuary, miles of wild wetlands and the Pacific breaking on the empty beach. Surf thresh all night, and—ferrets. She has two white, wriggly, rescued, manic, bundles—or tubes—of high energy play. She and her boyfriend Twister went into the bedroom with one last entreaty back at me on the Thermarest on the living room floor: “They’re gonna harrass you all night. You sure you don’t want to sleep in the RV?” No, I wanted to brave the ferrets.
As tight as I clutched the sleeping bag to my chin, Mo and his sister nosed and pushed and found their way in. They slipped down either side of me like torpedos of mischief, and nibbled on my toes. They ran up and out and licked my hair. They leapt onto my stomach. I laughed out loud. They had more sense of fun than any five year old human I’d ever met. Finally they took pity on me; Mo clamped onto the meat of my palm with one more affection filled bite, and they bounded off to wherever they slept. I slept better than I had in weeks.


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