“Two parts high-seas swashbuckle and one part inconvenient truth.”
Surfer magazine

“A story so fantastic it eclipses fiction.”
Santa Fe Reporter

Peter Heller spent two months at sea aboard the eco-pirate ship Farley Mowat as it hunted down the Japanese whaling fleet in the ice and storms of Antarctica.  The crew was comprised of Earthfirst activists, former military, Hollywood producers, professional gamblers.  Two days south of Tasmania the engineers came on deck and welded a giant blade to the bow called the Can Opener.  The book is a wild high seas adventure set against the backdrop of brutal commercial whaling and an ocean in peril.
"Peter Heller has written a funny, angry, explosive book, which is as much high adventure at sea as it is a portrait of our relationship to the world's oceans. You're reminded of Ed Abbey's explosive lyrical prose, the antics of Robin Hood, and the wry eye of John Steinbeck. If you've ever wondered about life aboard a 'vegan attack vessel' The Whale Warriors is your ticket. Heller's world here is so unusual, so wild, that you'd think he'd discovered it across the far-flung seas, and you'd be right."  
— Doug Stanton, author of the bestselling In Harm's Way, the story of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis