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From the best-selling author of The Dog Stars and The Painter, a luminous, masterful novel of suspense–the story of Celine, an elegant, aristocratic private eye who specializes in reuniting families, trying to make amends for a loss in her own past.

Working out of her jewel box of an apartment at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, Celine has made a career of tracking down missing persons, and she has a better record at it than the FBI. But when a young woman, Gabriela, asks for her help, a world of mystery and sorrow opens up. Gabriela’s father was a photographer who went missing on the border of Montana and Wyoming. He was assumed to have died from a grizzly mauling, but his body was never found. Now, as Celine and her partner head to Yellowstone National Park, investigating a trail gone cold, it becomes clear that they are being followed–that this is a case someone desperately wants to keep closed. Combining the exquisite plotting and gorgeous evocation of nature that have become his hallmark, with a wildly engrossing story of family, privilege, and childhood loss, Peter Heller gives us his finest work to date.


“Ingenious . . . Like Mark Twain and Toni Morrison, Heller has a rare talent that hooks both literary and commercial readers. The book’s irresistible suspense springs from the dynamic between his elegant, visionary imagination as it immerses you in the wilderness of the American West and its sleek-and-scruffy small towns, and his unerring instinct for writing classy, edge-of-your-seat, page-turning whodunits . . . (Celine is) one of this year’s most unforgettable characters. It’s as if Heller took the tender yet tough-as-nails personality of writer Annie Proulx and cast her on the page, in all her plainspoken, intellectually impeccable, deeply wise—and wise-ass—glory….Masterful…Breathtaking.”

“Enviable wit and style . . . Heller is a gifted writer uniquely capable . . . of describing both the play of Colorado aspen leaves in the last week of September and the strange melancholy that can trigger in the heart of someone who has already seen more autumns than are left ahead of them . . . Celine is also such a joy to be with. To spend 300 pages with her is like stumbling across the sweetest, most dazzling grandma EVER at the corner bar, and then finding out three hours later that she was also a shooter for Mickey Cohen’s mob. Her well of surprises is bottomless . . . . Beautifully written.”
–Jason Sheehan, NPR.org

“Terrific… [Heller] carefully layers people and settings, emotions and environments; he shows how, in our brains and in our hearts, they so often collide… Celine is tough, tired, and very funny—exactly the sort of person you want to spend 300 pages with, or who you want to solve your Arctic-level cold case… It’s a pulpy, twisty plot, but Heller keeps it fun without letting it turn cliché. This may be hardboiled fiction, but it’s made with a free-range egg and served with a side of Jacques Pépin’s mustard sauce… Heller stuffs it with tingling mysteries and thrilling solutions, like Celine’s clever plan to discover a tail’s identity. (It involves diner pancakes.) He makes room for lively supporting characters—a Latvian waitress, a weathered sheriff—and imbues each with humanity and humor. He keeps everything moving thanks to an increasingly tense plot… Still, the best thing about Celine is that it’s a terrific piece of fiction.”

“Celine is the portrait of a remarkable woman: a plausible super-granny with endearing panache who helps heal broken hearts and wounded souls.”

“Peter Heller tells an excellent story and creates a mystery that’s gripping and ultimately satisfying. He’s a master at describing the wonder and beauty of the natural world and at making setting and community an integral part of his stories. But even more noteworthy is his understanding of human frailties and the triumph of family relationships . . . . honest, illuminating and, ultimately, inspiring . . . every bit feels authentic and true . . . every moment is made to be savored and enjoyed.” Carrie Rollwagen, BOOKPAGE


“There should be an excused absence from life when a new Peter Heller novel is released to the world. There is a pace and a quality to his writing that will make you want to drink it down in one gulp. Heller’s strong narrative voice and complex plotting have always stood out to me and Celine is another example of this. Loosely based on Heller’s mother, Celine is a hard-nosed — if a bit worn down — private investigator living in post-9/11 Brooklyn. She has a stellar reputation, but when she is sent on a case to locate a young woman’s missing father, it’s clear that her age (and lifestyle) has caught up with her. You will fall in love with Celine and connect with everyone who populates this book. I would give just about anything to follow her on more adventures.”
—Katelyn Phillips, WORD, Jersey City, NJ